• Presision tooling for the ...
  • Blister Packs
  • Clam Shell
  • Hardened punch and die tooling

Precision Fixtures save companies time and money by allowing them to alleviate the setup and programming time required to build repeatable parts.

  • CMM Fixtures
  • Holding Fixtures
  • Replacement Details
  • Redesign and Upgrade Existing Gaging

Functional Handheld Gages offer reliable and economical measurements of the depths, lengths, angles and positions of various product parts.

  • Flush Pin
  • Form and Template
  • Hole Location
  • Pass Thru

Electronic Gaging Systems remove the measurement and inspection processes from the lab and incorporate them into the manufacturing process.

  • In Process Gaging
  • Data Collection
  • SPC Analysis
  • ProMeasure and Electronic Systems (NOTE: This should link to the content that Lyle attached to in the PDF. The content includes descriptions of ProMeasure Computer Systems, Electronic Columns, Computer Interfaces, Sensors)

Indicator Gages collect data and offer easy-too-read and precise measurements of depth, slot width and beyond.

  • Indicator Gages
  • Indicator Sweep Gages
  • Indicator Depth Units